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Six Important Benefits of Leadership Development

21 Mar 2018

The ability to lead others whilst continuing to deliver your own objectives is what sets good leaders apart from a pool of people donning the same title. It's not just their management capabilities that makes them stand out it is the culture they cultivate within the organisation. Displaying this kind of leadership not only motivates but also sets a firm foundation for success of the organisation.

Providing your staff with an internal, organisation focused leadership development programme will help improve workforce effectiveness by giving staff the ability to grow beyond their current capabilities.  This will help the individual, the team and the organisation as a whole.

Notwithstanding the plethora of high-level leadership programmes currently available, something bespoke to your organisation, developing capabilities at all levels within the organisation, and particularly for new and emerging managers, will provide multiple benefits:

1. Develop Leaders of the Future

Continuing the cycle of developing better leadership within your organisation will provide growth and success of the organisation in many ways. Creating a programme that focuses on the needs of your organisation, available to potential leaders throughout the staff base, will generate a leadership culture, provide ideas for improvement, and enhance skills that will make your organisation more dynamic, flexible, and productive.

2. Lifting Morale

Investing in your staff’ leadership capabilities, and the associated positive leadership culture at work is a valuable tool to maintain your employees’ resilience and mental well being. Excellent leaders know how to create a positive outlook and conducive environment to support the team they are leading and impact the prevailing culture.

3. Employee Retention

One of the most often stated reasons why people leave their jobs is because of their manager. Engaging your organisation in a leadership development programme will improve manager’ awareness of their part in staff retention. Recruitment, induction and preceptorship/ mentorship of new staff is an expensive activity, notwithstanding the reduced productivity of vacancies  and training new people go hand in hand. Staff attrition, particularly in respect skilled professional staff, can have a negative impact far beyond the obvious.

4. Increased Engagement

Good leaders provide their team with the right degree of attention.  Whether it be giving constructive criticism, praise for hard work, setting direction, or establishing team values. Effective staff engagement is proven to increase performance and productivity in staff who feel valued for what they do. Poor leadership on the other hand creates work through the need to give continuous support, assurance and monitoring for unproductive teams.

5. Competent Decision Making

Leaders have the ability to provide better decisions and more effective problem solving skills. Smart decisions stem from being able to apply a flexible approach and adaptable to difficult and changeable situations; skills that can be developed through scenario planning for a variety of possible outcomes and applying different thinking styles to challenges.

6. Managing Negative Cultures

Leadership, at all levels within an organisation, are a key tool for managing organisational culture.  Any leadership programme should include an opportunity to explore and understand the organisations vision and values, and to develop skills in promoting a supporting culture.

Re-Think Performance delivers training, coaching and facilitation for leadership development, team performance, and culture change within organisations. We are a strategic workforce development company focused on improving productivity and performance through enhancing emotional intelligence in the workplace. Whether you are shifting from good to great or you are experiencing challenges with the performance of part of your organisation, give us a call 020 3091 9423 to see how Re-Think Performance can work for you. 

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