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NHS Staff Survey 2017

20 Mar 2018

NHS staff survey 2017

The NHS staff survey 2017 has now been published and made publicly available in March 2018.  The survey is the largest annual survey in the world then has been going for over a decade.  The Survey is compulsory for NHS trusts and voluntary for non- trust organisations and is linked to CQUIN.  The public results are at a high-level and focus on organisational level issues.   However, each participating organisation has a much more granular and detailed Report offering intelligence at a team or department level.

Key findings from the survey

Collating the information across all respondents provides a summary of how NHS staff feel about their working environment nationally.  Responses to 36 questions have improved since last years survey, whilst 58 have deteriorated.

There has been improvement in staff saying that they believe their manager takes an interest in their health and well-being and also in the number of staff having an annual appraisal.   However there is lower satisfaction with staff perception of their ability to deliver the quality of care they would wish to.

Appraisals and support for development
There has been a slight increase in the number of staff saying they have had an appraisal in the last 12 months, this is been a consistent trend over the past five years.  There has also been a perceived improvement in the quality of the appraisals. Notwithstanding this, there is a slight reduction in staff perceptions of engagement and there is slight decrease in the perceived quality of the learning available.

Health and well-being at work
Despite an improvement in Staffs perception of their organisation/ managers interest in their health and well-being,  there has at the same time been an increase in staff reporting work-related stress, and in a perceived pressure by their manager to attend work despite them feeling unwell.

Job satisfaction
There are a number of questions which indicate staff satisfaction at work; would they recommend the organisation to others, do they look forward to work, are they enthusiastic, and do they have sufficient resources.  This picture has deteriorated since last year and shows a System under pressure.

Staff have expressed good support from their managers and good communication with their managers/ senior team.   Notwithstanding this, there has been decline in staff perception of recognition and value for the work they do.

Harassment and bullying
Staff perception of harassment and bullying from other staff members has changed little in the last two years; it dropped from 2015/ 16, that has increased again in 2017.

What next
If your organisation is one of those that takes part in the staff survey you should seek to get the results for your department and team and explore what you can do to improve performance and culture within your sphere of influence.
More general information about the staff survey can be found in these following links: Home-page where you can find; results broken down by trust, trend data, and a link to CQUIN.
If you would like to discuss what you can do to enhance culture of your department feel free to give us a call for a chat.

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