Applying emotional intelligence in the workplace

Meeting & Events Facilitation

Getting the most out of your workforce means getting them to work well together as a team and getting them to understanding thier contribution to the overall delivery of the organisations' objectives.

One way of improving staff engagement, commitment and integration is through team events; undertaken internally or away from the office.  With a clear purpose to the events, focused on the needs of the organisation or team, such events can be hugely beneficial.  However, without a clear focus they can loose their impact; for some the session will become a lazy day where they have to do very little, for others it may feel like an unnecessary day out of an othwise very busy week.

Many events can be effectively facilitated internally, led by the manager or toher member of the team.  However, to achieve the best results, and to make the most use of the time available, external facilitation from experienced facilitators is best.

It is also beneficial to have external facilitation for meetings that are likely to be challenging, confrontational, or those dealing with complex and highly charged issues.

Don't be stuck facilitating an event or chairing a meeting whilst also trying to participate in the discussion.  To allow you to keep focused, and to keep the event on track, contact me to discuss how an external facilitator for your key events.