Applying emotional intelligence in the workplace

Mediated Solutions

Conflict can be hugely disruptive!

Different opinions, even when passionately expressed, can be beneficial to the vibrancy of organisations.  It is great to have a range of perspectives within your organisation, and to have a diverse workforce.  These differences can challenge perceptions and create new idea.

However, if the difference is perceived as conflict within a team it is distracting for the business of the day, and it must be dealt with - swiftly and robustly.  This can be very difficult for a manager; it can be difficult to give over the time that these issues require to find a suitable solution.  It may be difficult to be seen to be transparent and fair (without apearing to 'take sides').  It can feel like 'a rock and a hard-place'

Re-Think Performance are experienced at facilitating individuals to explore conflict and to mediate cojointly agreed solutions to their conflicts.  Through our mediation process the parties in conlict will be helped to explore the issues (individually and together), to find agreeable solutions and working arrangements, leading to a written and measurable compact to move forward collaboratively and in mutual respect.  If you want to discuss how best to manage conflict in your team please feel free to give us a call.