Applying emotional intelligence in the workplace

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)

Everyone is individual and distinct; and so too is the way we see the world around us.  We all have our individual preferences when it comes to our behaviours and communication; whether we prefer to plan our work or work ‘on the hoof’, whether we prefer specifics and details whilst others see the bigger picture, wanting only the headlines.

These different behaviour types can be hugely valuable to organisations that are able to harness the creativity of difference, providing options and creating dynamic environments.  However, such difference can lead to misunderstanding and conflict in organisations that fail to help staff understand the impact difference can have.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) coaching facilitates a better way of understanding difference; for individuals and for teams.  This understanding can help to create dynamic teams able to work effectively in steady units or to work fluidly across professional and organisational boundaries.

We can also offer MindSonar profiling and other personality training sessions if required.  If you are interested in seeing how an understanding of MBTI or MindSonar profiling tools can help you, individuals within your organisation or whole teams, contact us to arrange a discussion.