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28 Mar 2019

Leadership & management are two sides of the same coin.  The best of teams have someone at the head who is both a good manager and a leader too.

However, the two are not the same thing.  Leaders can inspire people to a course of action, to rally behind a cause.  Sometime a large cause like a revolution, sometimes small like a knitting club.  And leaders don’t need a title or hierarchical position to do so.

Managers on the other hand can ensure processes are implemented, risks managed, team equitably engaged.  Boring as it may sound, if annual leave is not managed well, people treated equitably, processes followed appropriately, everyone will not be working towards the same goal.  People will quickly become disgruntled.

Interestingly organisations often promote people to managerial positions by dint of their clinical/ professional/ technical competence.  Being technically competent means promotion to a managerial role that requires a whole different skill set.

Despite the mandatory induction period, it is very rare for staff moving into managerial positions to receive a period of preceptorship or mentorship to a role which requires a whole different skill set. 

The unspoken perception is that staff in managerial roles should know what they are doing.  This, combined with new managers wish to prove they can manage without asking for help, leads to poor management practices and a ‘sink or swim’ culture for managers.

All managers new to role should have an ‘introduction to management’ programme.  Not just how to use the sickness/ absence reporting tool, managers need education, training and development opportunities in; how to hold difficult conversations, motivating teams, understanding & capitalizing on difference, etc.

Managers have a big responsibility to their staff and to their organisations; a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.  Managers need training and support  to aid their transition, unfortunately this is too often absent within organisations.

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