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MindSonar; because you are so much more

MindSonar is a thinking styles tool that helps individuals and teams to develop a greater understanding of how they think in a given context.  Re-Think Performance is the only approved MindSonar practice in London. 

Mind sonar uses an objective web-based questionnaire to elicit your tendency towards one or other metaprogramme, in the specific context you are considering, across 13 different metaprogrammes.

MindSonar has a track record for success:
• Improving team performance
• Career development
• Conflict resolution
• Role development
• Succession planning
• Recruitment & retention

MindSonar is not a personality test.   It does not try to define who you are.   It does not tried to put you in a box.  It does not tell you how are you will behave.  MindSonar simply gives you an insight, with the support and facilitation of a registered coach, to understand the thinking styles you tend to apply in certain circumstances and to consider whether these are the most advantageous for you in the situation being considered.

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