Applying emotional intelligence in the workplace

Education, Training & Facilitation

With training and experience in education and group facilitation it is possible to work with you to design, plan and deliver a range of teaching, training and facilitated development sessions on the topics that are important to you.  These include; change management, leadership development, exploring attitude & behaviour, as well as bespoke training to meet your organisations' specific requirements.

Training can be delivered as part of one of the pre-designed 'open-access' courses for individuals who wish to learn with others from different settings, or delivered as specific programmes of education modified to enusure your organisation (& your partner organisations where flow is key to delviery) receive a bespoke package.  Commissioning an organisation / sector specific programme would ensure you have training designed specifically to meed your organisations needs, you are able to train a cadre of staff in the same skills at the same time, and you would have the advantage of being able to embed your organisations brand and culture into the training programme.

If you would like to know more please contact us to discuss further.