Applying emotional intelligence in the workplace

The Story of Re-Think Performance

Peter Rolland, Director

Re-Think Performance was born out of a passion for emotional intelligence; the potential strength of relationships to transform the way we work and enhance our performance in the workplace.

There is so much potential in individuals and teams that organisations, managers and leaders don't always recognise, and don't fully utilise, the potential resource available to us.

Development is an integral part of our personal and working lives; it allows us to grow and change to meet the changing world around us.  Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to recognise, understand and control their own emotions and the impact that their own emotional state is having on their behaviours (intrapersonal), coupled with the ability to notice and interpret the emotions of others and the impact others’ emotions may be having on the interaction between the two (interpersonal).  This understanding helps individuals to manage thier own performance and their relationships with others more effectively and productively.  I established Re-Think Performance to that goal.  With many years experience in workforce development and transformational change gained working with large and complex organisations spanning national strategic networks, I came to realise the un-tapped potential there is in most organisations, and set my goal to try to release as much of it as I can.

All organisations can achieve more; if individuals and teams are given the right support, and if managers given the skills they need to offer effective leadership.  It is possible to support the whole workforce, from those struggling to achieve, through to maximising the performance of the high flyers.

It is my passion for releasing potential in others that drove me to establish Re-Think Performance; contact me to see how we can help develop your service.


Peter Rolland,


Qualified in MBTI, MindSonar, and NLP coaching techniques